Walling posts and slabs

Grey, Double Sided Grey Brick Style, Autumn Brick Style and other pigmented walling styles

We install these products as well and quotes can be requested for supply & installation

Walling Samples

Concrete Palisade

2.4m high or 1.5m high

Enlarged View


Fig 2, Fig 3,
Fig 4, Fig 7,
Fig 8, Fig 11,
Sunken Kerbs and BRT Kerbs

Kerb Samples

Catchpit Components

C-Beams, Frame Beams,
Cantilever Beams,Left,
Right & Center Support,
Concrete Covers,
Single & Double Frame Assemblies

Catchpit Component Samples

Civil Products

Bollards, Fire Hydrants, Valve Chambers, Storm Water Channels

Civil Product Samples

Pillar Caps and Pavers

Various Pillar Tops and Garden Pavers

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